Friday, July 4, 2008

Firefox 3 : Surf it the way you want!!!

Mozilla Firefox 3 has already done the magic. Perhaps I am late to post it. Now, there is a very little for me to say about Firefox as it is already become household browser. It has already created a record of 8,002,530 in 24 hours and now peaking 587268252 level . The Firefox 3 comes out with various modified features. To start with, It has new system of Bookmarking, Downloads, Website information, Malware protection, New Add-on's etc.

Improved Bookmarking:
By the new improved Bookmark facility , you can simply save a bookmark by clicking on the "Star" which is placed on the right hand corner of the Navigation Bar. By Clicking it once, it turns yellow which represents a simply Unsorted Bookmarks . You click it again and you can detail the bookmark. You can even tag the Bookmark for further reference.

Save your Passwords without a "Pop-up":

With this feature you can save your Password by simply clicking on the tabs which appear on the top whenever you enter your id's. You have a choice to save or not, your passwords. But all these things without a disturbing Pop-up.

Malware protection:
Firefox 3 also protects you from Unsafe malware functioning sites. So that next time you are not sure about anything Firefox is there for your rescue.


The new Add-on manager is more robust. The Add-on manager getting the attention it needed. You can also go for new Add-ons by just clicking on this Pop-up menu. No browsing required. All you need is just a 'Click'. So What you waiting for just click and get your favourite Add-on going.


Add-ons like Pic lens makes it out-going. You can turn your Browser into and image viewer anytime you want. Browse the images in a site in style. All you have to do is download and you are just a click away from the Image Viewer.

Adblock Plus:

Another cool Add-on. Ever you have been hooked up with some banners or Ad's which takes lot of time to download , block it forever. All you have to do is Right click on the Image and Adblock it.

Several other Add-on like Foxytunes, Mini Map Sidebar, No script, FoxSaver etc make Mozilla firefox 3 a good browser to use. You can set it the way you like. The way it could represent you. I would give a 4 out 0f 5 (with a hope for something new to come up) .



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