Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eco-Buddy Car is here!!!

Honda is out with their new fuel efficient car. The Honda FCX Clarity is all ready to hit the market and will be available in a limited quantity as its is run by hydrogen and there are no hydrogen stations available in all the places. The technology which works in is that cars with hydrogen fuel cell technology emits only water vapor, thus reducing the carbon dioxide emission into the air we breathe. As Hydrogen can be a dangerous gas, Safety has been taken care of. Sensors are placed throughout the car to provide warning in case of any leakage. Enough safety has been provided to see to it that the driver has a safe drive.

And when the style is concerned, both interior and exteriors have a very luxurious look. It has a low floor and is more sleek.
The high-efficiency "lithium-ion battery pack" is used as a supplement power source which captures the  lost energy during braking and deceleration
. It also has audio and video alerts which alerts the driver in case of prospect collisions. If at all the collision is unavoidable, it slows down the speed of the car and helps minimizing the risk of the collision.

All you can say is that it is a perfect car you need to have in your Car Porch!!


rameez on July 4, 2008 at 6:55 PM said...

Gud post.. Nice info!!


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