Sunday, June 29, 2008

Master of LCD's??

1cm Thick LCD TV

The Competition is on a Row. With the demand for new technologies growing up, the television manufacturers are leaving no opportunity to get into the news.

The Samsung has revealed their new LCD Tv, which is just 1cm thick.
Samsung has taken the cover out of 40in LCD TV with a 1cm thin waistline at the FPD International show Japan.

Just weeks after Sony launched its first slim OLED-based TV – just 3mm thin - Samsung is out to prove that existing LCD technology can be placed on an extreme slim diet too. This 10mm panel uses an LED backlight to provide what Samsung claims is 92% of the NTSC standard for colour saturation - almost as good as a CRT TV – but with a low power consumption of under 90W.

The Samsung's new elite piece has an added advantage of being an HDTV, capable of displaying Full HD (1080p) video. Unlike the Sony's OLED panel, which is restricted to just 11in and which is not HD-ready.

Hope it hits the Market soon!!



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