Monday, June 15, 2009

Mirror's edge : A review!

Out of the pace of the games of Killing n Shooting, there is this new game which has "RUNNING". Yes you got me right, Running.  The main character in this game is the RUNNER. If you are not aware with what a RUNNER is, RUNNERS is a group who are capable of climbing buildings and hanging through ropes, walking on the walls and jumping at heights - A very well trained combat in Parkour. It is a FPS [First Person Shooting] game. Well you may wonder how a game can come up with RUNNERS concept. Electronic Arts have really worked hard on this one. With very decent n pleasing graphics, this is a different game that can get you pinned for sometime. Especially at times where you really need to scratch you head to move along. Game play is quite amusing. But the game can get boring at some point of time for some gamers. 


Game story is not very catchy and clear but as this is a DIFFERENT game, you would want to hit the keys for a change. The game supports very wide range of Resolutions and options to improve the quality of graphics. It also supports Anti-Aliasing up to 8x. This game has PhysX support which actually lets the game to accelerate the hardware (Graphics Card) at times it is required. Well PhysX is brought out by Nvidia and is only supported by Nvidia. On some graphic cards including ATI's PhysX may not b advantageous at all. Well when PhysX is kept activated (ON), it may lag the game especially during the fire shoots by the cops. Apart from this EA also has bought in features like "Runner Vision" and "Reaction Time". "Runner Vision" helps the player to know the direction of its destination. "Left Alt" is the key which brings "Runner Vision" into action. The objects marked with “RED” symbolize the objects that can be used to get to towards the destination and sometime it may also indicate the destination. The "Reaction Time" basically can be also termed as BULLET TIME, which actually slows the game play for sometime so that the player can react to the immediate actions of the opponent [Cops, SWAT, and Rival Runner]. The "Reaction Time" comes handy when tackling the opponents.


The main characters name is FAITH. In fact the game's logo imitates the shape of the design around her right eye. Although, the character can use weapons the game is centrally based on the characters.  There is no choice for difficulty for the game play. It is quite tricky at times. But li’l of STUBBORNESS and LOOKING-AROUND and INTELLIGENCE may help you get through. This is what I believe from the experience I had playing this game and finishing it off. But I know people getting their hands into this game will have a nice time though. But as everybody says, don’t take the stunts and actions out of the GAME.

I am thankful to my friend Fahad, who helped me in writing this review.



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