Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Next genration technology : WiMAX

Have you ever heard of WiMAX?? If not, then let me explain it to you. WiMAX is abbrevated from of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. Its a Wireless technology like WiFi but with a wider coverage. While the WiFi covers just 100-300 mts WiMAX has a coverage of around 10-15kms as the magnitude of WiMAX base stations are more than WiFi. It has more bandwidth and the speed usually ranges from 60-70 mbps, However it is subject to decrease with the signal. The modus operandi is, either it can give a wide coverage with an average speed or can have a good speed with a less coverage. The network signals are transmitted through towers and not through small routers. It doesnt even require hotspots like WiFi do. A fixed WiMAX provides more coverage than a Mobile WiMAX. Its also curbs intefrence as it works on seperate licensed spectrum unlike Wifi which functions on unlicensed spectrum and which is likely to be disturbed with other gadgets using the same spectrum.

The Cost per bit may be costly initially, but the rates are expected to drop down with more people subscribing to this technology in the long run. Many companies like Intel and AMD are planning to launch thier laptops with WiMax enabled chips in future. Its been a greta achievement in technology but all things like human being have some D-merits. The spectrum needed by this technology was always in question. certain companies are coming up with merger plans to launch WiMAX. Also the security system needs to be updated with this technology coming into the market. 
You can refer this link for more info on WiMAX : Click here



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