Friday, June 26, 2009

Downfall of Google in China??

It was a shocker for me this morning, as i woke up and just hung up on the news paper.

The Chinese goverment has accused the internet giant of violating the country's law and has also moved to the extent of blocking the services of Google like Gmail, Google reader and also the mega search engine. The Government blamed Google of spreading pornographic content in the country, the services of the search engine was under the scanner and came under heavy criticism in the past week. The Government,earlier, had also warned the website to clear off the links to the porno contents.

The attempt to ban all porno contents from the country was started with the requirement of all pc to launch with a pre-installed software which blocked all these contents. The services,however, returned to almost normal by thursday evening. But was still unaccesible in certain parts of the country.

The bloggers are rallying the country on 1st july. This is the protest by the bloggers against the banning of ceratin sites which discussed sensitive issues.



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