Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Create Back up over the Internet with lightening speed.

We know- Internet has developed a lot in the modern days, making it an important element in our life. With the development and competition around , Telecom companies have come up with certain good offers. The broadband rulers in India are Bharti Airtel and BSNL. Until now, BSNL has been providing good speed and good service- it continues to provide as well. But what we see is- Airtel launching the New Broadband plan which has a speed of whopping 16mpbs, which lets you watch video's without buffering, download music track withins seconds etc.

Now, let me come to the core topic and not talk about other things. This speed which the telecom company provides you- lets you to create back up over the internet. Thus securing your files on distant remote server. Next time your hard disk crashes or you lose your system you can get back your files from the internet. What you have to do is- create "File transfer protocol"(FTP)  which allows you to transfer files from your PC to the internet. There is no delay in transfering as the speed allows easy flow of files without stoppage. You can also get this service from certain sites which provides backup faciltiy, but they probably use thier own FTP's. 



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