Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bing-Is it your default search engine?

Well, for those who have been using Google for a long time now Bing would be a different experience. There is a difference in search results that Bing provides compared to Google. There are a lot of areas in which Bing proves to be a competitor to Google. However Google search results are far more refined than Bing. 

The Video search in Bing is one thing that you might look for, It provides grid view to each of the video's as against Google's list view. There are ceratin things which you notice in Bing like the -Comments about site that appears on the right hand side of each link, Related search results that are listed in the left hand side, Advanced search box which lets you search for the exact terms and some other. It would be too early to say that Bing is superior or inferior to Google, But it would definitly occupy some of the market share that Google enjoys now.



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