Friday, June 19, 2009

The much awaited video game version of the popular fictional movie TRANSFORMERS: Revenge of the Fallen is expected to hit the market on June 23. Now, let me tell you something about this game. While the movie is centered on the human characters, the video game version will be more of robots. Players can choose between AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS i.e. Protect or destroy the Human Race. The players are given choice-to select any mission and any Transformers they want to, each having their distinct abilities. This Game also has a Multiplayer mode which will enable the players to battle friends online.

The game is intense and concentrates on each Transformers skill and unique style of attacking their enemies-also each second counts as the player drives and fights.

The Characters in this action game are :

DECEPTICONS: Starscream,Sideways,Grindor,Long Haul, Megatron and Seeker(which is multiplayer exclusive character)

AUTOBOTS: Optimus prime, Ironhide, Breakaway,Bumblebee ,Ratchet -Arialbot and Protectobot are multiplayer exclusive characters.

Activision inc also showcased this action packed game in Botcon 2009 which was held at Pasadena convention center.

This game will be released in the following platforms : PC, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Wii, PSP, PS2, Wireless.

For Cheats and Hints of TRANSFORMERS :



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